By integrating with ProMax from ECCO, utilities can simulate using ColorPower within their footprint.  Model what the result will look like.

ColorPower Software

ColorPower is a wide-scale smart energy management protocol, enabling peak energy shaving, wind-solar ramping control, and other power applications.

ColorPower for Buildings

ColorPower is also for building owners to transform their MDUs to be a resource for energy demand reduction, providing notable cash payments for them & their tenants.

Enrolled Devices Create an Energy Dial

ColorPower-- whether in single family homes, apartments / MDUs, or offices/campuses-- manages enrolled devices, such as HVAC, lighting, hot water heaters, pool/spa pumps.  These enrolled devices obey "traffic signals" as to what to do in a wide-scale organized fashion.

Advanced Energy Solutions

ColorPower aggregates all the "micro loads" from homes, apartments, and offices in an energy provider's territory and creates a flexible demand resource to be coordinated with energy distribution and sources (wind, solar, natural gas, etc.).  Consumers declare their home or their particular device under management as either green (able to used when needed for power reduction), yellow (only turn off if you really need it), and red (stay away from my device).  On the utility side, the ColorPower API framework interoperates with backend systems.

Balancing the Need of Consumers & Energy Providers

ColorPower technology facilitates a fresh new consumer-friendly, non-auction market-based approach to electric power demand management enabled by an innovative self-organizing system. ColorPower successfully balances the needs of individual customers with the needs of the power distribution system as a whole.