Our Approach

ColorPower has a compelling end-to-end strategy, from delivering a superior demand response product to utilities, to motivating device manufacturer participation, to a simple integration solution, to a transformed customer experience. This complete package has never been put together by providers of “coercive” demand management: multi-hour shutdown controllers, punitive pricing, reporting of energy usage, and the like. This is why we are gaining mindshare so quickly.

Power is no longer a homogenous commodity, but comes in logical “colors” that correspond to flexibility settings “under the covers”.   Customers experience different prices for different colors of power.

History of ZOME Energy Networks and Our Team

ZOME Energy Networks, Inc. began back in 2008 as an energy R&D entity.  In 2011, ZOME entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement with MIT in Cambridge, MA.  In 2012, Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos became CEO of ZOME and leads the company to this day.

Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos is the CEO & Chairman of ZOME Energy Networks. Dr. Papalexopoulos is also the founder of ECCO, one of the top energy market designers in the world. He is also an IEEE Fellow, has developed much of the ISO market system in the USA, and has designed energy markets on four continents.


Mr. Brad Kayton is the COO and has a long background in networked devices and IoT, having co-founded both 2Wire, Inc. ($700M in annual revenue) and 4Home (smart home control platform) which was adopted by Verizon. Brad has been granted ten (10) patents in the area of networked devices and energy management, including several patents benefiting ZOME.


ZOME's Technical Team

ZOME's software development team is among the strongest to be found in the connected devices and energy industries.  Our lead architect was the lead architect of the TR-069 standards-based Central Management System adopted by broadband carriers throughout the world (over 1B devices under management).  Our lead cloud computing engineer was one of the developers of Amazon's AWS.  Our database architect and engineer is one of the top 10 developers of Blockchain, creating the leading algorithm used by "miners" in the world today.  We have the inventors of ColorPower, out of MIT, on our team.