Inspired by Nature

ColorPower was developed at MIT after looking at the best ways nature swarms, such as social insects like bees, to solve problems in collaborative ways.  ColorPower unites energy providers, energy consumers, and IoT devices.

Demand Supply Optimization by Enlisting IoT Devices

For the past 30+ years, the electric power industry has been seeking demand elasticity, for many reasons, such as the cost efficiency benefits of peak energy shaving. The physics of electricity delivery are such that every last drop of demand must be fulfilled, or the entire system is threatened. The core problem has been framed as “the demand side is receiving too little information from supply” to provide elastic demand response. Providing pricing information to customers is a large focus of current Smart Grid efforts.

At ZOME Energy Networks we understand the energy pricing information gap. However, we argue that experience in other industries have shown that ultimately the customer has to be at the center.   What is also missing in power is “the supply side is receiving too little information from demand.”  Metering merely observes consumption after the fact, and tells service providers little about the significance of any subcomponents of a customer’s demand and provides no way to enlist the support of the energy consuming devices when needed.  A new customer interaction paradigm is needed. ColorPower provides an architectural design that addresses the demand elasticity problem from this fresh perspective.